Welcome to FS Path to FI

Hello, and welcome to my new site, the Foreign Service Path to Financial Independence, or FS Path To FI for short. I’m a Foreign Service Officer on the path to Financial Independence myself, and I’d like to share my journey with you, and hopefully help you take advantage of the array of benefits that the Foreign Service life provides for those on the FI path


You wouldn’t believe I worked as a Foreign Service Officer if I didn’t use acronyms, right? Let me define a few at the get-go, more later. If it comes to the point where I need a glossary, I’ll know that I’ve truly succeeded in life.

FI: Financial Independence There are a lot of definitions out there, and everyone’s personal definition will vary. Essentially, you have enough money coming in, be it from pensions, investment vehicles, side hustles, real estate, black market dealings, or all of the above, that you could support your lifestyle without your job. FI does not mean you have to quit your job, it just means you could if your job pissed you off enough. It’s the FS, you know that could happen

FS: Foreign Service In this case, I’m talking about the Foreign Service branches of the U.S. Government. A lot of what I’m talking about may be relevant to other U.S. branches, but there are some things that are unique to the FS. You’re more than welcome to take advantage of this site if you’re not FS, but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

FSO: Foreign Service Officer This is anyone working in the Foreign Service directly. Being an FSO generally means that you are hired on a permanent basis with the U.S. Government in a branch that has FSOs. There are other hiring mechanisms, but I’m not as familiar with the benefits available to them… yet…

About Me

I’m going to keep this vague as, while I love my job (now), the mere fact that I’m writing a blog about how to make sure that I don’t need my job to survive could reflect poorly on my annual evaluations. Suffice it to say that I’ve been an FSO for just shy of a decade, that I currently live overseas, and that I want to share my journey towards FI with you, in the hope that I can share some tips and tricks that may prove useful to you as well.